Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Luwak coffee!

Civet coffee is one of a kind coffee comes from coffee beans eaten, and who had previously entered into the digestion of animal called the civet. The popularity of coffee has been known among the fans of coffee and even abroad. Even in the land of Uncle Sam, can be found in a cafe or coffee shop that sells coffee Luwak (Civet Coffee). Civet coffee could be purchased with the rather expensive price. Coffee taken from civet droppings are priced somewhat higher than with other types of coffee. However, it did not reduce coffee lovers to hunt down this Luwak coffee. Which must be ensured that the authenticity of the coffee being sold is really a genuine Luwak coffee and we provide a genuine Luwak coffee.

Coffee is known already for a long time and it started happening when the coffee plantation was opened a massive moment the Dutch East Indies government until the 1950's, when it was still a lot of the kind found in animal mongoose mongoose. Civet is like looking at all the grain that is good enough to eat including coffee beans. Civet coffee beans are very fond of the coffee fruit is best, having eaten and excreted with feces, which was previously fermented in the digestive tract mongoose. These coffee beans, used to look for and interested coffee farmers, because they believe that coffee beans are from the best coffee beans and has been fermented naturally. And based on confidence, a sense of civet coffee is very different and feel special among enthusiasts and connoisseurs of coffee.

However, Civet currently difficult to find. Because the meat is believed to cure asthma disease makes these animals continue to be hunted. Thus, the pleasure derived from coffee beans picked from civet droppings is currently very difficult to find, if any, the price will be very expensive.

You are attracted to enjoy the genuine Luwak coffee?

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